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Weight Loss / Management Nutrition Consultations:

Work with me if you are wanting to get back to your pre-baby weight (or close to it!) in a healthy, sustainable way and learn how to create a Healthy lifestyle along the way through planning, food choices, exercise and self-care.

I also help everyday women reach their nutrition and weight goals through a Healthy lifestyle.

I have an online interactive meal planning program where we can work together to create recipes and meal plans to suit you!

You will have a real coach who will hold you accountable and provide you with the strategies, tools and techniques needed to reach your Nutritional goals - whether it's to slim down, learn to make healthier choices or feel in control of your eating habits and lifestyle.


I will help you identify what your greatest challenges are, what's worked and hasn't worked in the past and we'll discuss your goals and how to reach them.

I'll show you how to plan your week with tips on easy meal preparation, meal suggestions and simple recipes and guide you on how to make healthy food choices, swaps and balance your plate (and no you don't have to give up cheese and chocolate!).

We'll identify habits that have formed and how to overcome these for real changes.

We'll also go through the importance of exercise, which is a vital component to healthy living and we'll look at this based on what your goals are. We'll also cover self-care, from learning how to stand up for yourself and your choices, to taking time out, understanding your thoughts and working through self sabotage.

In some cases flower essences may be recommended during Nutrition consults if there are representations of stress or anxiety present, self-esteem or self confidence, sugar cravings or for assistance with motivation and commitments.  

I have a 4 week Healthy Start Program and a 6 week Nutrition Program to help you reach your goals (payable in instalments). 

I also offer an initial and subsequent consultations. 


Holistic Fertility Consultations:

As a certified AB flower essence practitioner also, who has experience and studied Women's Health and Fertility I take a Holistic approach to helping women balance their hormones and enhance their fertility to conceive.

We'll go through both you and your partners Health & Wellbeing in details, including food, exercise, lifestyle, addictions and emotions.

We'll discuss your close relationships, fears, stress levels and chakras.

We'll also look at your medical history including your cycle, test results, blood types and any underlying conditions.

From there I'll develop a plan for you which will also include coaching and support and taking personalised flower essences for both you and also your partner (if required).

Case studies have recorded success rates between 75% - 90% using flower essences to treat infertility (varying between practitioners and referenced in ABF essence books) and information around this can be provided to you either before or during your consultation.

Please also see testimonies from some of the women who have achieved a successful pregnancy working with me.

If you've been struggling to conceive and would like to look at a natural approach (which won't interfere with anything medical you're doing) please contact me to book a free chat to see how I can help you.

I have an 8 week and 12 week program where I work with you 1:1 to optimise your fertility, which is payable in instalments.

I also offer an initial and subsequent consultations.

Restoring Emotional Wellbeing Consultations:

Through a Holistic approach, including Coaching and the AB flower essences, I help Women balance and restore their Emotions.


The way the flower essences do this is by working on the subtle energy body which is our spiritual, mental and emotional body.


They are one of the major forms of vibrational medicines and they work to resolve issues not just treat or mask them. Unresolved emotional issues can lead to physical health issues, as believed in Eastern medicine.

Flower Essences can also safely be given to children from birth (and animals) and have an amazing impact on them as they have less built up negativity, fewer emotional barriers and are more in touch with their feelings. I use flower essences on my son, with great results, all the time!

Consultations are held as an initial and subsequent.

Nutrition, Fertility and Restoring Emotional Wellbeing Consultations:



Consultations are held in person or through phone Facetime or Zoom and are available in packages.


Catherine consults at Shine Health Wellbeing Centre, 35 Bluff Road, Black Rock for face to face appointments.


Catherine also holds a Working with Children Check.


Workshops are also available on request which can be tailored to a specific area of concern or focus to your group.

10% discount if you refer a friend or family member for ongoing consultations.

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Tel : 0414 929 106

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