Lindy Price (Vic) -  Catherine has been coaching me for the last 20 months. I always look forward to our weekly sessions as she is friendly, non -judgmental and always encouraging. By helping me to develop a positive mindset she has enabled me to commit to a healthy eating plan and I feel much better for it.

Antoinette Merrick (Vic) - Catherine has been my coach for more than 12 months and I cannot speak more highly of her. She is very motivating and caring and has given me the tools and the encouragement to achieve my goals and the knowledge to continue on my journey to a healthly life.

Julie Hamilton (Vic) - Catherine is very inspiring, helpful and positive as a nutrition and health coach. She has kept my on track with her never ending encouragement! I could have easily slipped back into bad eating habits (and not exercising) if not for her support. Thanks Catherine!

Judy Binder (Vic) - I have worked alongside Catherine as a coach for over 12 months. Catherine is very passionate and dedicated when it comes to health, fitness, wellness and nutrition. She treats everyone individually and really listens to each client's needs to determine the best way to work with them. She provides motivation and inspiration to her clients that keeps them coming back to learn more. She is committed to ensuring her client's set realistic goals and always follows through with how they went. She adds a personal touch to every interaction with every client.

Krystal (QLD) - A month before starting my second IVF cycle I contacted Catherine for a consultation. Catherine was really easy to chat to and understood my needs. For just over a month I was taking my flower essence blend that Catherine made up according to my needs. Going into my second cycle I was much calmer and at ease. I immediately noticed a difference in my stress levels during this time and I have Catherine to thank for that. The quality of my eggs were also a lot better. We were over the moon when after 4.5yrs we finally got our positive result we'd been waiting for. Thank you Catherine for helping us get there.

S (Vic) - Dear Catherine, I just wanted to say a big thank you for the flower essence drops. I am so glad I approached you for help to conceive. After my husband and I had been trying for 12mths I didn't know there was anything like Flower Essences that could help. The drops have been a blessing in my life. Within 2 mths of us taking the drops we conceived! Thank you so much for your help Catherine (20/5/18 - Name withheld for privacy reasons).

Sarah Baillie (Vic) - Dear Catherine, just wanted to write to you to tell you how thankful I am. The results I have had with the Aus Bush Flower Essences you prescribed and made up for me have been amazing. The last few weeks have been particularly challenging. I am truly grateful. You are so giving and caring and always professional and have helped me enormously.

Sandra Mills (Vic) - Catherine's attentive and engaging nature put me at ease immediately when it came to discussing my health issues. Together we have settled my thyroid issues and are working on reducing my stress levels. In so many ways I feel more focused and energetic. I would highly recommend a consultation with Catherine to get you on the best path for your wellbeing!

Julie (Vic) - Dear Catherine, just a short note to let you know how pleased I am with the essences that you made up for me. My sugar cravings have been curbed as well as keeping my appetite in control. Lovely to have a "natural" product made up and personalized for me. So happy with my weight loss too! Thank you