The Beginner’s Pack is for anyone new to Flower Essences and wanting to try them.


This pack contains my most popular Flower essence blends and commonly used in households for the whole family Men, Women and Children.


The Beginner's pack contains 1 x Calm Blend (15mls) and 1 x Emergency Help Blend (15mls) for only $20.00.


Easy to Use: Just 7 drops under the tongue, in a glass of water or water bottle morning and night and/or as needed.



CALM:  This blend is for times when feeling overwhelmed, stressed or anxious. It calms the mind and body. Working, maintaining a home life and dealing with constant life changes can be overwhelming and stressful. This Essence will help you to slow down, reflect, relax and stop worrying. Also the perfect essence for headaches and to enhance sleep.


This blend is also great to calm, relax, unwind and centre children. It can be used for school, before or after play dates and/or to calm and settle at the end of the day before sleep. It can be placed in a glass of water or in their water bottles for easy use. 



EMERGENCY HELP:  This blend has a quick calming effect on the mind, emotions and body during a more major crisis. It will quickly ease fear, panic, shock, mental or physical stress and pain. Situations where you may use this remedy range from extreme nervousness, fear and anxiety such as prior to a procedure, flight, situation, exam or after accidents. This blend can also be used topically for skinned knees, burns and insect bites and stings. It can be taken as often as needed such as every 10 minutes until calm has been restored. 

For more information on the Flower essences please contact me.