The Women's Time Flower Essence range has been created for all Women and comes in 3 blends outlined below.

The pack comes with your choice of either Oral drops or an Oral Spray Mist plus an all over natural Body moisturising cream (infused with the flower essences).

The cost is only $50.00.

REBALANCE:  Harmonises any emotional and hormonal imbalances in Women's cycles. It allows a woman to discover and feel beautiful within herself and her own body. It also balances mood swings, mild anxiety and menstrual cycles and assists with adapting to changes. It also aids in the relief of hot flushes, cramping and period pain. 



RECHARGE:  For energy, vitality and enthusiasm for life. It balances and stimulates the major glands as well as organs and muscles. It's great for those who have been feeling lethargic, fatigued and weighed down and needing energy, drive and enthusiasm of life. It's great added in a water bottle to start the first part of your day! 



RELAX:  For feelings of stress and anxiety. It calms the mind and body and can be used for nervous tension, anxiety and headaches. Working, maintaining a home life and dealing with constant life changes can be overwhelming and stressful. This essence helps you to slow down, relax and stop worrying. It is also a perfect blend for enhancing sleep! Before bed spray the mist in the room, take as oral drops or use the cream on your face, hands and warm feet (after a hot foot bath/shower).

For more information on how Flower essences may assist you or to purchase a blend please contact me.