Enhancing fertility is a combination of food, exercise and self care.

It’s using coaching and the transformative flower essences to resolve emotional issues, affirmations, accepting your reproductive system and opening up the sacral chakra. 


Our emotional wellbeing is vital to our overall health. When imbalanced, our emotions can effect our health & wellbeing, impacting us physically and representing itself as an illness and disease. 


More and more research is backing this Eastern way of understanding our mind + body connection. 


Flower essences work to balance our emotions and restore our wellbeing and in doing so can help enhance fertility where couples have been trying to conceive.


Certain essences can help to balance female hormones, regulate the cycle and hydrate the uterus and when it is in balance can enhance fertility and the ability to conceive. 


There has been research to show the flower essence She Oak has had 75% - 90% success rate in treating infertility. 


Here is a Case History on one of my clients (2018). 

CASE HISTORY: Client and her husband had been trying to conceive for over a year with Western medicine unable to give them any answers. Client conceived once in the past but miscarried at 8 wks pregnancy. 


Client approached me for a consultation and to see if there were any Flower essences that may assist with their fertility.


Aus Bush Flower Essences were then prescribed specifically for my client and her husband - 7 drops morning and night daily. 


One of the causes I felt may be hindering conception was the incompatibility between the secretions and PH of the sperm based on blood types & inconclusive results (not generally recognized in Western medicine). The essences prescribed were to create harmony between them, along with hormone balancing, hydration of the uterus and to increase quantity, quality and motility of sperm and release of any emotional blockages for her partner. 


Client advised that the Flower essences were taken every day for the whole time aside from 2 days where they forgot. 


At the next follow up client had reported that her period had come 1 wk early (on a regular 30 day cycle) and that this has never happened before. Client had also broken out in some pimples which was also unusual for her. I advised this was a natural process of hormone balancing and to keep continuing with the Aus Bush Flower Essences as they were working. 


My client has advised me that her and her husband didn’t do anything different over these months aside from taking the Aus Bush Flower Essences prescribed, walking and increasing water as discussed.


TESTIMONY: Krystal (QLD 2020)


A month before starting my second IVF cycle I contacted Catherine for a consultation. Catherine was really easy to chat to and understood my needs.


For just over a month I was taking my flower essence blend that Catherine made up according to my needs. 


Going into my second cycle I was much calmer and at ease. I immediately noticed a difference in my stress levels during this time and I have Catherine to thank for that. The quality of my eggs were also a lot better.


We were over the moon when after 4.5yrs we finally got our positive result we’d been waiting for.


Thank you Catherine for helping us get there.


For more information on how flower essences can help enhance your fertility please contact me for a no obligation free chat and have a look at my Fertile Woman package under Services: working with me.