Catherine Gemetzis - Accredited Nutrition, Health and Life Coach


I am a qualified and experienced Nutrition, Health and Life Coach who is passionate about holistic health and wellness and helping people find a healthy balance in all areas of their lives.

I have been a Coach in the Nutrition, Health and Wellbeing industry for over 3 years with a strong focus on healthy eating, weight loss, keeping active, changing habits, goal setting, mindfulness and behavioural change. I have worked with clients' both in one on one consultations and group facilitation.

​My greatest satisfaction is working with client's to identify and work through their barriers and seeing them achieve the goals they set for themselves and the happiness that comes with this.

I have a great passion for providing Nutrition, Health and Wellness coaching for Teenagers as I believe in setting them up with the right tools, information and support from a young age to enable them to  live a healthy and happy lifestyle with a positive mindset to aid in the prevention of obesity and future illnesses and diseases.

"The health impacts of childhood obesity include high blood pressure and blood cholesterol, raised blood sugar levels, Type II diabetes, joint problems, sleep apnoea, asthma and fatty liver."

I am also a working mum, wife, daughter and friend so I know what it is like to feel overwhelmed, tired and pulled between school drop offs and pick ups and everything else life has to offer. But it's all about finding a balance, living a healthy lifestyle, being grateful for all of these things and remembering to see the positive in every situation.


And most importantly remembering that at the core I am ME - Catherine, my own person with my own script. So by acknowledging this and looking after myself in all areas of my life I am happy and appreciative to be all of these other things.


Changing your mindset, being appreciative and grateful, finding inner peace and happiness, living in the moment, being social, having close friends, eating healthy wholesome foods and regular exercise are what I consider to BeWell Balanced. All simple, yet forgotten tools and ways we can practice daily and learn to live by starting from today!


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