I am a certified and experienced Nutrition Health Coach and AB Flower Essence Practitioner who is passionate about Holistic health and helping Women reach their Nutrition and Fertility goals and balance their emotions.

I was in my late 20s, when I realised that the constant bloating and irritable bowel I had been suffering from daily were symptoms of lactose and wheat intolerance.

The symptoms worsened, after I gave birth to my son, due to shoulder injuries and upper back pain I'd suffered during my pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Whenever I would become bloated from wheat, my stomach would feel so heavy and pull on my shoulders igniting that unbearable pain again.

I knew I couldn't go on like this so researched my intolerance's. This lead me to change my diet dramatically by cutting out all processed and refined foods, which included wheat and dairy.


For years I only consumed whole natural foods and the change I felt was absolutely amazing!


Although I have always been active and physically fit, I was the healthiest I'd ever felt in my life just through the change in my diet. I even lost my post baby weight unintentionally!

Now years later, I can honestly say I have found a balance and tolerance in eating foods that contain wheat - things work a little differently with lactose intolerance!


This experience made me realise the following things:


  • I could do anything I set my mind to

  • My mood didn't fluctuate

  • I didn't have the cravings I use to throughout the day 

  • I lost weight and felt amazing by eating wholesome, clean, nutritious foods

  • You are the only person in control of what you eat

Ultimately FOOD really is MEDICINE!


This experience then led me to follow my passion in studying Nutrition and Coaching and the continuation of my Natural therapy studies in Women's Health and Fertility - which resulted in the opening of my business BeWell Balanced!


I have been a Coach for over 6 years with a strong focus on healthy eating, being active, changing habits and behaviours, goal setting, mindfulness, self-care and helping women enhance their fertility for healthy conception, along with balancing their hormones and emotions.

I love working with women both one on one and in group settings.

Being a working mum, wife and daughter myself, I know what it is like to juggle a hectic schedule whilst trying to live a healthy, active, balanced life.


I love being able to assist Women to find a balance and reach both their Nutrition and Fertility goals.