As much as I am an absolute advocate of obtaining all your vitamins, minerals and antioxidants from FOOD for optimal health, it is not always possible to eat the recommended 7-13 serves of Fruit and Veggies EVERY single day. And let’s be honest, most of us have been taking synthetic vitamins our whole life anyway, right?  I’ll leave it there.

Wholefood Nutrition Supplements are different. They are made purely from the plant kingdom (fruit, veggies & berries), with nothing artificial or synthetic in them and all your vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients & antioxidants coming straight from Wholefood Plant based sources! 


They are to the bridge the gap between what we should be eating and what we are actually eating!  

Not a replacement for real food.


Research has shown that Good Nutrition supports the Immune System, Digestion and the Nervous System.

They are part of my daily ritual every single day. Here is some information for you:



  • 27 different  fruits, veggies and berries

  • Harvested to vine ripeness on organic principles

  • Whole fruit & vegetables used including skin, pips, seeds & stems so the fibre is retained

  • Dried at very low temperatures to retain as much nutrient content as possible

  • Excess water and sugar is removed during the drying process

  • Powder is put into a vegan capsule which is natural, starch free, preservative free and non GMO

  • Product is tested at 3 points during processing to ensure it is herbicide, pesticide, yeast, mould & bacteria free



  • Has 35 clinical researched studies proving what it does in the body

  • Bridges the gap in nutrition of what we should be eating and what we actually are

  • Dairy free & Gluten free

  • Approved by the TGA as a wholefood medicine not a vitamin/supplement

  • Is bioavailable meaning absorbed straight into the bloodstream

  • Repairs the body on a cellular level

  • Full of Phytonutrients (helps to reduce inflammation) and Antioxidants (helps reduce oxidative stress).

  • There are over 400 nutrients in just one apple




  • 100% vegan blend

  • Contains Omegas 3,5,6,7,9 from all plant based sources

  • Omega 3 comes straight from the original and purest source, the Algae, instead of the fish  

  • Combined with native cold pressed oils from Pomegranate seed, Sea buckthorn oil, Raspberry seed oil, Tomato seed oil and Safflower seed oil

  • Omega 5 is only found in Pomegranate seeds and is one of the most powerful antioxidants

  • Capsule is made from Tapioca root



  • Omegas are great for lubricating the nervous system and keeping it calm, along with ensuring messages to the brain are kept healthy, alert and clear

  • Supports our heart health, brain function, immune function, eye health and circulation

  • Helps to reduce inflammation

  • FOR MUMS: a mothers natural Omega 3 reserves can become depleted and are not easily replenished if not supplemented

  • Essential to mums nervous system, especially after baby is born and for hormonal balance

  • Important in building fetal brain development and a strong nervous system for baby




  • Wholefood shake with superfoods like alfalfa sprouts, radish sprouts, mushroom, pumpkin & pomegranate powders

  • 100% non GMO & plant based ingredients

  • No artificial colours & no preservatives

  • Contains plant based Macronutrients (carbs, proteins, good fats) and Micronutrients (Vitamins and minerals)

  • Contains complex carbs and both soluble and insoluable fibre

  • Vegan

  • Great source of protein (not whey protein) and fibre

  • Protein comes from chickpea, pea rice and water washed soy protein (purest soy)

  • Low GI and low calorie shake

  • Contains a pre-biotic that helps feed good gut bacteria

  • Two flavours Chocolate or Vanilla (delicious just with water)

For more information on how Wholefood Nutrition Supplements may assist you and for purchase please contact me.