With everyone going on holidays lately and having Buffet Breakfasts included I thought I'd touch on this.

It's also a topic that comes up quite a bit for people wanting to stay healthy and not wanting to over indulge on their holidays.

Here are some questions to ask yourself when you're getting ready to head off on a holiday so that you can plan ahead and have some strategies in place for managing Breakfast.

  • How could you manage Buffet breakfasts or have you managed this in the past?

  • How can you plan ahead and be prepared?

  • Do you have any strategies in place? What are they?

  • Do you try to eat a variety of foods?

  • Do you avoid the pastries or do you allow yourself a pastry if you really feel like one so you don't feel deprived? If so, how do you stop at one?

  • Do you factor in the amount of physical activity you'll be doing on your holiday?

  • Could you increase your steps and the amount of walking, physical activity you'll be doing?

  • Or is your holiday going to be more sedentary - relaxation by the pool/beach without much activity?

Some things you may like to consider are:

1. Before you head down to the Buffet think about what you REALLY feel like that morning and write it down. If it's muesli, yoghurt and fruit then just go straight for those items and sit down. There's no need to survey the whole room.

2. Some Hotels have a Gym or Pool so you could do a workout/swim or go for a long walk or run before Breakfast which in turn means you're more likely to make Healthy choices when you get to the Buffett (and throughout the day).

3. Think about the rest of your day. Have you planned lunch somewhere that is only a few hours away? Or are you going to need lots of energy because you'll be traveling and walking around most of the day with a late lunch?

4. Think protein rich meal for satiety. Poached eggs is a great option, with smoked salmon, baked beans and plenty of grilled colorful vegetables. And don't forget Water!

5. Remember your Portion sizes. What does a normal everyday Breakfast look like for you? Is there any need for this to be different just because you're on holidays? Yes you may be paying more but do you need to actually EAT more? Think about changing your Mindset.

6. Fill your plate once only and really enjoy your food. Take note of the tastes, textures and be mindful. Once you've finished hand your plate to the waiter, put on the collection tray or lay your cutlery across for collection.

7. If you feel you can't resist going back to the Buffet for more food take your plate to your room and enjoy your Breakfast on your balcony. Or if you're with a friend/partner ask them to put your plate of food for you and avoid the Buffet altogether!

8. Sit far away from the Buffet and face somewhere else ie looking out at the beach or pool.

9. If you think you're still hungry drink some more water and wait 20mins.

10. Have a tea, coffee or glass of water as a sign you've finished your meal and grab a piece of fruit, small tub of yoghurt or some nuts for later.

Remember it's all about BALANCE!

You still want to enjoy your holiday, but holidays are about getting away, unwinding, having fun, enjoying the company you're with and the adventure and relaxation. Food is the addition to all of these things. So by keeping this in mind, planning ahead and preparing yourself you'll be able to enjoy your holiday happily and healthily nurturing yourself in every way, without the worry and focus being around food.

If you would like to talk further about a non diet approach to weight loss or need some support changing habits or with healthy balanced eating please feel free to contact me on

0414 929 106.

Happy Holidays!

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